Principle and advantages of WebSouls’s VPS virtual servers

Principle and advantages of WebSouls’s VPS virtual servers

In the web hosting industry, there are many players. WebSouls, a British company Is one of them. The company offers many hosting solutions, including VPS which we will present to you here.

But what is a VPS? What are the advantages? We will see all of this in this article.

Introducing WebSouls

WebSouls is a British web hosting solutions provider. At work since 1998, the seniority of this host demonstrates how involved it is in the field and continues to constantly adapt to the evolution of the Internet.

Firmly established in Pakistan, WebSouls is nevertheless also present in Pakistan in a physical way, and throughout the world via its virtual server solutions.

With teams available 24/7, WebSouls is endowed with powerful customer service, able to answer all your problems and your troubleshooting needs of all kinds.

The company also claims its social and human aspect, which is manifested by its slogan “We host with care”. More than a simple hosting provider, WebSouls wants to position itself as a support solution, able to help businesses and companies in all fields to acquire the best technologies.

Passion combined with responsiveness and professionalism has enabled them to become the first British host to sell personalized servers online.

What is a VPS?

The VPS, for Virtual Private Server, is an entirely virtual dedicated server, which avoids necessarily going through a physical server to host its site or its content.

It is usually integrated with a physical server among other virtual servers. The VPS has less space overall than a full server but has the distinct advantage of being much cheaper than a dedicated physical server.

It is a relevant solution for companies that want to host at a reduced cost while preserving their security and storage capacities.

Using a VPS virtual server is recommended if you have a moderate traffic website. However, some sites like WebSouls allow you to create tailor-made VPSs, adapted to all situations and modeled on your current needs.

The goal remains to help you allocate more resources to your website in complete transparency, by gradually making it evolve.

WebSouls offers you, for you and your company, a dedicated VPS virtual server. The first choice solution to ensure the sustainability, stability, and performance of your business, the virtual server offers many advantages.

WebSouls is a benchmark in the field and allows a plethora of features for your server hosting.

Advantages of WebSouls’s VPS offers

By going through WebSouls, you make sure you are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The virtual server VPS service has been rigorously designed to be as efficient as possible. WebSouls VPS are available on Linux or Windows.

Ainis, the host promises several advantages to its customers:

Full access to the Microsoft portal and the possibility of interactions with your virtual machine. You can easily create snapshots (before any modification), create an ISO, …

Microsoft’s latest Hyper-V technology integrated into the host on which your virtual server is hosted. It is the most powerful hypervisor in the field, specially designed for Windows OS.

An interface entirely designed and developed by WebSouls. It incorporates multiple high-quality features and tools that give you the opportunity to interact directly with the OS and fully manage your service.

But WebSouls is also a possibility of partial or complete management of your server through a monthly subscription. A dedicated team can take care of all the technical issues of your VPS and manage them efficiently according to your terms.

It is also the almost instantaneous ability to use and manage your resources related to your virtual server. Your VPS is constantly subject to multiple backups and you keep full administration over it.

How much does a VPS cost at WebSouls?

VPS Flex’Server solutions for hosting a WordPress website or other start at € 12.99 per month with the possibility of having a reduction depending on the duration of the commitment. For this sum, you, therefore, have a dedicated virtual server with 50 GB of disk space, 1 CPU, and 1 GB of RAM.

Of course, depending on your needs, other configurations are available, such as the Flex’Server 4 offer at € 44.99 per month for 150 GB of disk space, 4 CPUs, and 4 GB of RAM.