Here is how you can get a competitive edge through digital marketing in UAE

Here is how you can get a competitive edge through digital marketing in UAE

UAE has observed a staggering growth in the number businesses starting or branching out in the region. There is hardly a major brand that does have its operations in the UAE. That’s one of the reasons that a lot of startups are looking to benefit from the UAE’s thriving economy by introducing new products and services. 

If you are someone who is looking to get their feet wet in the business arena of Dubai, be prepared to face an extensive competition. No matter how unique you think the service or product is that you are introducing, chances are it is already going to be available in the market. Well then how do you stand out with your brand? Well read on to find out how you can gain a competitive edge through digital marketing as a startup in Dubai.

Identify the right social platform

The key to developing an effective social strategy for your brand is to first identify which platform your users are most active at. If you are a B2C business you would have been better off focusing your time and efforts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram whereas if your business is more inclined towards B2B services or products then you may want to consider Linked In to generate leads. Similarly, if your business demands that you stay up to date with the latest news and updates then you are going to need to be active on Twitter. 

So, before investing into a specific social platform it’s important that you identify which one is the most appropriate for your business. 

Keep your visual game on point

Whether you have an in-house team of creative designers or you have hired a digital marketing agency that takes care of your design requirements be sure to have strong visuals on your website as well as across all your social channels. 

The general audience in UAE have a special appreciation for visuals. You would have more chances of selling something to them by showing a detailed video or a high resolution image than by trying to explain in words about what exactly you are offering and what value they would be getting against their money. Besides, your visuals play a vital role in making or breaking your brand image. 

Invest into SEO

You cannot possibly rely on paid marketing services all the time to boost your traffic and conversions. It’s always a better strategy to establish a strong online presence through good old SEO. Not only is this strategy cost effective but it’s also an important one in the long run. Paid marketing is like a quick fix and it sure pays off provided you do it right but as soon as you turn off your ad campaign your sales graph crashes. 

Final words

The key to success in the UAE market is an effective marketing strategy that can help you build your brand. The more you invest into branding the better chances you would have of making it big in the UAE as a businessman.

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