7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Rug

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Rug

Handmade Rugs have been around for centuries bringing life into homes, offices, museums, and even palaces. Many amazing traditional rug designs are made from the finest quality wool or silk and have intricate patterns crafted by weavers who passed the skill of rug making on for generations.

So, if you are looking for a new rug for your home or office, then a traditional handmade rug is the ideal choice.

But, how do you choose the perfect rug? There are hundreds of different varieties available in the market, each with distinct styles and patterns. If it’s your first time buying a handmade rug, choosing the right one can be difficult.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before buying a new rug:

  • Why do You Want to Buy a New Rug?

Different rugs have different purposes, which is why you should know exactly why you want to buy a new rug. Do you want to add something to liven up your living room? Or do you want to protect the floor?

Maybe you want a new rug for added warmth during the cold months?

Knowing why you want to buy a new rug will help you choose the perfect rug. For example, if you want a rug that will help bring warmth into your home, then a shawl rug would be a poor choice. Instead, you should get a thick rug like a wool rug or tribal rug.

Similarly, if you are buying a rug as a long-term investment, then consider purchasing a Persian rug as they increase in value over time.

  • How Long Will Your Rug Last?

Ok, it’s not like you can expect a mere rug to last a lifetime.

Or can you?

If you are buying a rug because your previous one got damaged, then you may have purchased the wrong rug. Genuine handmade rugs can easily last upwards of 50 years without getting damaged. If you take good care of your rugs, then they can even last a century or two!

Even if you aren’t going to live 200 years (can you?), you’ll be giving your children or grandchildren an antique item that will have a significant future value.

So, when buying a new rug, always ask the seller how long the rug is expected to last. Buying a new rug is not something you do every day, so it’s best to buy a quality item while you can.

  • Where Do You Want to Place Your Rug?

Rug placement matters a lot, which is why you should know which area you are buying a rug for before making a purchase. Imagine having an expensive Persian rug sitting in your bedroom!

Some rugs are just made for certain areas. For example, roller rugs and Kilim rugs are perfectly suited for hallways and small rooms. Oushak Rugs can be used in the bedroom, but are more suited to dining areas and the living room.

Knowing where you are going to place your rug also helps you decide the material of your rug. If your rug is placed in an area that receives more sunshine, then try buying one that won’t fade. If it is going to receive a lot of foot traffic, then consider buying shawl rugs online. These rugs are thinner than other handmade rugs and will not lose their shape easily.

So, next time you go rug shopping, make sure you use the right rug in the right area for the best effect!

  • Which Pattern is Best for Your Home?

Once you have decided on a rug type and material, it’s time you choose your colors and patterns. Do you want a simple pattern to keep a minimalistic approach? Or do you want a symmetrical design to match your flooring and furniture?

Choosing the right design is up to you, but it’s helpful to look for a rug that matches your home décor. This applies to choosing color patterns as well.

Also, try and showcase your individuality when buying a new rug. You can choose a pattern that suits your style or even match different rugs as you wish.

If you strive to be unique, even a poorly matched rug can look good in your home!

  • What Size Rugs Do You Require?

Do you want a small area rug or a full-sized carpet? Should your rug be round, square, or rectangular-shaped? How thick should it be?

When buying a new rug, you’ll have to choose from many different sizes. Some manufacturers can even make custom-made rugs for you.

However, in most cases, you’ll be able to find a quality handmade rug that is the perfect size for your room. Choosing the right-sized rug is important because even an expensive rug can look out of place if it’s the wrong size.

  • Should You Buy Handmade, Machine-made, or Flat Woven Rugs?

There are hundreds of different types of rugs available, but most fall into one of these 3 categories. For home rugs, handmade or flatwoven rugs are usually best.

Machine-made rugs don’t have the same knot strength, which is why they are less durable. Flat-woven rugs like Kilim rugs are best to use in areas with more foot traffic. You’ll also notice that they are used in offices and public buildings.

However, if you are buying a rug to use at home, then handmade rugs are best.

  • Which Material is Best?

When buying a new rug, don’t just select the one with the best color and patterns. The rug’s material matters too.

If you see a good handmade rug, like shawl rugs for sale, you should know the material used in that specific rug. Cotton rugs are generally cheaper, especially if they are synthetic. Wool handmade rugs are the most popular, and also the most durable.

However, you may prefer the soft texture of silk rugs or the washability of leather rugs.

Choosing the rug material is up to you, but it’s important to keep it in mind when buying a new rug.

Not everything is as good as it looks and you don’t want to end up buying a cheap cotton rug that will disintegrate after a few months!

So, next time you are shopping for a new rug, ask yourself these questions to get a clearer picture of exactly what you need.